Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Heavy, a story about the unknown

Soul music has now a new name, The Heavy.

They only have 2 edited albums, Great Vengeance And Furious Fire (2007) and The House That Dirt Built (2009) and for some reason they remained unknown to my kind musical world. From the looks of it, to most of the music universe.

It’s not that the songs are fantastically arranged, nor the lyrics are brilliant, no that's not it. From top to bottom, it’s ALL about Kelvin Swaby’s fucking voice.

There are no words to describe it. The closest would be: Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and Stevie Wonder in one voice. Probably I’m exaggerating, but that’s it.

When I first listened to The Heavy, I felt butterflies in the stomach, like the ones you feel when you’re 16 and you’re standing half an hour on a bench waiting for THAT girl from school. Pure chemistry.

Enough words. Here is the song responsible for all this:  

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Drums - The Drums

The Drums’s debut self-titled album is still one of the best things we can listen to in days of solitude.

It’s simple, it’s catchy, it’s modern but still old school. It’s The Cure’ish with touches of Joy Division and Smiths. They’ve hit the spot and nobody can’t take them wrong.

The Drums - The Drums is refreshing yet familiar. It’s as good as ‘pop’ music can be these days.

Difficult to pick a favorite song but I’ll have to go with Book Of Stories. After playing the album 100 times, when it gets to track 5, still makes me think ‘this shit is awesome’. Surprises me they haven’t turned it into a single, but then again it probably makes the song even more special.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Man Man, an incomplete recent story

I know very little of Man Man, the sole reason why I actually saw their video is because they were Youtube recommended next to Tom Wait's Satisfied. And that's all I can say honestly .

After that it has been an intense 2 day relationship between WSG and Man Man's Piranhas Club. The track name is brilliant, the song is catchy, the video is just perfect, and I can't help but listen to it and laugh. In a good weird way. I guess because the video reminds me of 2 love stories, Black Keys and Future Islands.

Still don't know anything about them. Just what Wikipedia tells me, and I don't really trust Wikipedia. Like a good friend once told me, Wikipedia is the fastest way of getting wrong information. Bless him. 

The song is part of their 2011 album Life Fantastic. Will explore and return if relevant.

For now, here is the video for Piranhas Club. Enjoy like you mean it:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom Waits - Bad As Me

Some people say is a genius. WSG considers Tom Waits to be more than that. He's the master, devil's best friend, earth's best writer, he is beyond what music can reach.

Tom is unique, in every little thing he does.

This post is about his new album, Bad As Me. I'm hooked to it. It's amazing how Waits always manages to hypnotize every single part of my person.

From track 1 to 13 I feel like having a bottle of black label ('no ice please - fucking amateurs') and smoke the packs of cigarretes I never bought. I love you Tom, hope you know what a true inspiration you are to everyone who likes pure rock music and shares the frustrations and lack of honesty of this cruel life. To you I say, great shit-ass album man, another one to go on the top.

The single Bad As Me:

And just a recent memory from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards - Lie To Me live at Letterman's:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Strange Boys - Be Brave

The Strange Boys are a strange band. Or maybe they aren't too much of weirdos but the name always brings me back there.

They want to sound like old punk-garage-rock (something like the Ramones, or maybe I'm just crazy), and at a certain stage they really do. All about them sounds to me very cliché, but for some reason I can't stop listening to their Be Brave album. It's fucking addictive stuff. I don't smoke, but I guess this must be the feeling: 'I know it's not good for me but I can't stop doing it'.

I recommend you to buy the album and see if you share my smoking feeling. Hope they don't increase their price as well, cause they're pretty unknown by now.

Start your experience by the easiest path, the single Be Brave from Be Brave, pretty original stuff:

and finish with my favorite - musically and lyrically speaking - Laugh At Sex, Not Her:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Keys, the revolution is on the streets

The first song of the new Black Keys album - El Camino - is out there. The name of that song is Lonely Boy.

I haven't been this excited since someone told me we could drink beer of a funnel. Yes, I'm that excited.

At this stage I don't even want to focus on the song or album's quality, I just want to mention the awareness that these boys - not lonely for sure - gained in the past couple of years. The video of Lonely Boy was uploaded on Youtube this Tuesday and has generated almost 500,000 views with almost 10,000 likes against 79 dislikes. You can see I work in advertising, but tell me if this is not a (good) sign Black Keys are making the headlines.

What this means, straight and simple, is that the music world is re-conquering the passion for Rock music. Pure, strong and catchy rock tunes. I was waiting for this for a long time, a band like these guys to win respect of the pop community and finally erase from my mind the amount of crap people listen to these days. Yes, I'm talking about the Rhianna's, Bieber's and Gaga's of this life.

I'm all about changing the world, and I sincerely believe these guys can place their stone in music history. It's still early to say, but I think Black Keys will turn the equation around. More good music, less crap please. Starting with the radios, we want Black Keys stuff and no Rhianna's ass (or maybe the ass is ok).

Here is the video - fucking funny one btw - of Lonely Boy, newest song from the yet-to-be-released El Camino: 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Future Islands - On The Water

As the good boy I am, I’ve took the time to listen to whole new Future Islands album, On The Water, and I can’t describe what went through my mind when listening to The Great Fire. It was like small drops of water hitting a big quiet lake. It mystically turns the hardest of men into a crying baby.

As expected, the whole album is amazing - but the mix of Herring’s unique wordings with Jenn Wasner’s gift-of-god voice is just too good to be true (for the ones who can’t recognize her – she’s Wye Oak’s lead singer).

It’s now the 43rd time I’ve heard this in 2 days. That’s got a mean something.

But if you let me be there again
If you let me be there again
If you let me be there again
I'll be still, won't say a word 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beirut - a story about lovely music and memories from Europe

Beirut is the work of one man’s inspiration and true talent. Zachary Francis CondonZach for the closest fans – is another underrated genius. Because of his innovation, his lyrics, his cultural relevancy (even being from the US), it is all so good that it surprises me the lack of credit the man has.

We’re talking about someone who managed to constantly deliver excellent albums, changing musical directions and bringing different approaches to our beloved pop culture.

He is in my opinion one of most-influent musical personalities of the 2000’s.

And you can put it in whatever perspective you prefer. He is a genius, and I stand by my words.

From his short but precious collection, The Flying Club Cup and March Of The Zapotec / Holland, are the ones WSG is more familiar with. And to be entirely honest, probably 2 of the best albums in the shelf.

In those album there are songs that simply changed my musical life, and brought to a very different universe, Zach’s mind and soul. Nantes, La Banlieu, No Dice, My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille (yeah, you must be thinking what I’m thinking, ‘a guy that can pull up a song title like this has to be a fucking genius’) and – actually from their first album, Gulag OrkestarPostcards From Italy (probably one of the most beautiful songs of the past decade).

Don’t worry, I will not post them all, but at least 3 need to be here (I don’t have the guts to put more than that).

Starting with a great moment, Live in Paris, Beirut’s Nantes:

Followed by My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille, here live in Coachella:

And finally, my precious Postcards From Italy:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness

One of the most consistent 2000’s bands has a new album. Los Campesinos! have done it again. After Hold On Now, Youngster…, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed and Romance Is Boring - already subject to a post - here is Hello Sadness. The depressive theme is once again the path chosen, and what a wonderful journey it has been for them.

The usual USPs are there – young rock guitars, Gareth’s nasal awesome voice, the magical back-ups and inspiring lyrics. It’s all there, explicit, raw and WSG loves every second of it.

Hello Sadness will be released in November and the new single – By Your Hands - has been playing repeatedly in my ears.

Please sing along:

By your hand is the only end I foresee,
I have been dreaming,
you've been dreaming about me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Violent Femmes - a story about an underrated band

If there is one underrated rock band it has to be Violent Femmes. For me, someone capable of making that album in 83 should be up there in the rock legacy legendary podium.

The truth is they could’ve ended their career after their self-titled first album Violent Femmes. It was that good.

10 moments of brilliancy, that’s what that album is about. From the well famous Blister In The Sun, to the power of Add It Up down to lovely Kiss Off. And don’t forget the rest…Prove My Love, Gone Daddy Gone, Good Feeling, To The Kill...

Everything about that album is perfect. Even the bloody cover.

I have to start by Blister In The Sun, a song that with all manners brings back soooo many memories. Enjoy:

Secondly, during the same concert, Add It Up:

And to finish – because it doesn’t make sense to post the whole album – Prove My Love:  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wilco - The Whole Love

Wilco, or better said ‘everyone’s American rock band’, is back in action. The truth is that since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot they’ve just been ‘good’ – or maybe I say that cause I canceled my Wilco subscription after that album, it simply couldn’t get better than that. And from what I’ve been told, it didn’t.

Well, their new just-released album, entitled The Whole Love, sounds promising. I’ve only listened to the single I Might and Born Alone and the feeling is good.

And that’s what I have for you. Firstly, I Might:

Lastly, Born Alone, live @ Letterman:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feist - Metals

Sweet Feist released a new album, Metals is the chosen name. Delicate as we could expect, Feist's enchantments are yet another time alive & kicking.

Proof of that is what could well be the album’s 1st single, How Come You Never Go There? The question is in the air.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

FATM - a story about being almost perfect

She can’t stop taking my breath away. It was good the first time and I reckon it will be better now. Lungs gave us a small image of how a strong amazing voice mixed with pop tunes can turn our music tastes around, and now from the sample Shake It Out of Ceremonials I’m simply expecting gold.

Melt yourselves with Shake It Out, new single from the yet to be released new Florence And The Machine EP Ceremonials:

And because I go nuts with this song, Cosmic Love live at…Glastonbury:

I would listen to this everyday and still find it unbelievably good. Thanks Florence, for the honesty, for your voice, and for the lyrics. Someone capable of doing this can easily change the world. Just a tip.

Monday, October 3, 2011

From Scotland with weird strange love

When it comes to big surprises, I guess Calvin needs to be on my top list. It had and has everything to go wrong – including (bad) critics - but each album kind of ruins those expectations and brings me down to my best dancing moves. Whatever you say, it’s dangerously catchy stuff.

I want to hate you Calvin, but I can’t.

Here is his new song – from the still-to-be-released new album – Feel So Close:

And just cause I have no limits in my imaginary music-world, Calvin’s live performance in Glastonbury featuring Acceptable In The 80’s and The Girls:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kele - All The Things I Could Never Say

‘It takes two to tango’ – and what a perfect partner Kele found in Lucy Taylor.

This song is just fucking amazing. And there’s more where this came from.

The bottles are empty, in the cabinet
I noticed my first grey hair, today
Why do we still do this, when we're both still young
Putting each other down, when we need to climb

Friday, September 16, 2011

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

They’re as close as anyone can get to an electronic orgy. Their self-titled debut album stands on WSG discography looking out ready to bring us to a totally different dimension. It’s full of weird beats, Alice’s deep screaming voice, unique songs and lyrics.

Remembering the first months in Hong Kong, this album was both my best friend and sneaky lover. Having CC in your ears while wondering around the building jungle and stressful people  is just all you can ask for.

There is not one single song in the album that makes me think twice. It’s all just bloody, dreamy and fucking amazing.

Declaring my love for Alice and Ethan’s Crystal Castles. It was hot in 2008 and still is. Well, Alice too if you know what I mean.

Can’t post the whole album, so enjoy the clip of Alice Practice (first CC track I’ve listen too):

Courtship Dating (according to my iTunes, most CC played song):

And finally, Crimewave, live somewhere in the UK:

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Kooks - a story about adolescence and catchy songs

The Kooks are as real as modern music can get. Luke’s accent, the adolescent lyrics, the simplicity of the looks, the acoustic pureness. It’s all you could ask for, and probably a little bit more.

They’re young, fresh, easy, transparent and talented. Can’t go wrong if you like the style.

Moreover, on top of having their own cool and catchy songs they’ve also specialized in making awesome covers – just have a listen at their MGMT – Kids version, Ace Of Base – All That She Wants, Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks and the latest Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks.

I’m only familiar with the first 2 albums – Inside In/Inside Out and Konk – but they are releasing their new work today or tomorrow, the album is named Junk Of The Heart and I strongly advice all of you to listen to it.

For the moment let’s stick with the old tunes.

First, the almost-perfect Naïve here live at T In The Park:

"How could this be done / By such a smiling sweetheart."

Secondly, the gorgeous She Moves In Her Own Way here live at Glastonbury:

"But you don't pull my strings / 'Cos I'm a better man / Moving on to better things"

And finally, the sexy Do You Wanna’s video clip (WSG is a big fan):

"There’s broken hearts in basements / An broken love on the streets / You were so fed up of it all always involving me"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Metronomy - On Dancefloors

A song for a tedious Friday. A possible night out, a possible drink, a possible disappointment On Dancefloors.

Metronomy can't stop enchanting my ears. Tune after tune, they simply rock.

This song features in their 2008 album Nights Out, and it’s yet another that you 2 readers should buy into. Pure electronic magic.

Can’t it really get better than this? Maybe, but not today my friends, not today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lana Del Rey, love at first sight

This is what we’ve all signed up for. Lana Del ReyLizzy Grant’s sexy artistic name – kicks off her music career with what looks like one of the most promising 2011 albums. Still doesn’t have a name, but the released single Video Games is enough to break some hearts. A true classic eargasm. Sing along and let it melt:

Tell me all the things you want to do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?
It's better than I ever even knew.
They say that the world was built for two.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gossip - Music For Men

WSG is back and today will be all about Gossip. Beth has been my company across hours of flights and solitude, thought she (or better, them) deserved some acknowledgement. The road hasn’t always been easy for the band, but their commitment and the uniqueness of Beth’s voice & looks makes Gossip one of my iPhone favorites.

Music For Men is the only Gossip album on WSG’s collection and reserves the entire credit of a positive note. The explosion of Beth’s craaazy vocals and the clever lyrics behind songs like Heavy Cross, Man in Love or Love Long Distance take the shit seriousness out of every human being, making us mortals sing and dance like we own the world.

I’ll leave you with my absolute favorite, Heavy Cross, live in Main Square Festival in Arras, France.

It's a funny way, to make ends meet,
when the lights are out on every street,
It feels alright, but never complete,
without you

I trust you, if it's already been done, undo it,
It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,
All the rainy nights, even the coldest days,
you're moments ago, but seconds away,
The principal of Nature, it's true but, it's a cruel world

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WSG is going home

WSG is going back home for 2 weeks, so the blog will be taking a small rest.

Probably interrupted by the inspiration from local music (Ireland and Portugal) which will be my future daily contact.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the (relevancy) of Take Me Back To Your House, from Basement Jaxx. I challenge every single man to not feel like taking Martina…home.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

Bleed American is one of the biggest (and greatest) cross I carry from my adolescence. It’s just the perfect album to listen when you’re 18. It has it all, the love stories, the anger, the solitude, the happiness. Bless JEW for how they turned every 18 year old boy into someone much more inspired and sure of his feelings.

All songs in the album are remarkable but WSG wants to highlight 2 particular ones which stand out for all the right reasons.

Bleed American  

I'm not alone cause the TV's on yeah.
I'm not crazy cause I take the right pills, everyday.
And rest, clean your conscience, clear your thoughts with speyside with your grain.

And my absolute baby If You Don’t, Don’t

On my life I'll try today,
There's so much I've felt I should say, but
Even if your heart would listen,
I doubt I could explain.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alice Russell, a story about Soul music

Days became brighter when I found Alice. I call her by her first name because we’re already very close. I guess everyone should be. The power of this woman’s voice is beyond what words can describe. It takes generations to find a soul funky voice like this, just ask Aretha, I’m sure she’ll tell you.

From track to track, from covers to originals, her voice just surprises me each time. It’s a joy to listen.

Still a shame she is living in the musical shadow, everyday that goes without her being famous is simply a crime. That’s what it is.

In the meantime, I take the outmost pleasure of tuning her in and be elevated to a different dimension. It’s a soul planet, and she’s the fucking queen.

Enjoy WSG’s nights of inspiration listening to:

The wonderful Lights Went Out

The soulful beauty of Let Us Be Loving

And finally, the most amazing cover of Crazy (original from Gnarls Barkley) - Damn, I get chills each time I listen to this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Libertines, a story about drugs and garage Rock & Roll

As British trash-rock-garage as it can get. They grew up listening to stuff like The Clash and Sex Pistols, and that has to be respected. Of course Doherty’s drug problems charisma brought the band to a hall of fame they were never expecting. But I guess that’s a good thing, cause their music is the shit.

Namely their first album Up The Bracket, which is an ode to garage Rock & Roll. It’s just how every Rock & Roll fan likes it, pure and dirty. WSG is no exception.

The second album, self-entitled The Libertines is not as good, but still keeps it going. Featuring one of WSG’s favorites Can’t Stand Me Now.

Here below, the single Up The Bracket from Up The Bracket (easy stuff) live at Jools Holland and Can’t Stand Me Now from The Libertines performed by Carl Barat and Doherty.

Hope you enjoy as much as I fucking do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Songs that mean everything

I need some information first.
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

They’d already hit the jackpot with Album and now it seems they’re going for a second on-the-spot-hit with Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Vomit is their new song and it demonstrates in perfection how high they've raised the bar.

The entire collection of out-of-the-box sounds/beats Girls got us used to is a trademark that gives them an interesting edge against what it’s been done recently. They are unique in every way, and that makes them special.

WSG would like to post 2 songs, starting obviously with their new promising single Vomit and from their first album - Album - the single Lust for Life which still gets me going pretty easily.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Air France - It Feels Good To Be Around You

Yes, Air France are the new hottest disco-electronic band with a shit-ass-catchy vibe, coming from…Sweden.

The love is there, the beats are out and summer is ON. It feels good to be around you, just says it all.

Enjoy beautiful people. After’s Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time Machine - Isaacs and his nurse

“I don't wanna see no doc / I need attendance from my nurse around the clock / 'Cause there's no prescription for me / She's the one, the only remedy”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM

What wrong could came from the product of Birkin and Gainsbourg's love? Very little.

Charlotte is indeed a pure talented person. Living in the shadow under the heritage of one of the most famous artistic couples ever.

As in most things in her life, Charlotte doesn’t have a long-term career in music. She basically does something when she feels like doing something, guess it is the normal behavior of an artist. And yes, she is exactly that, an artist. Whatever that really means.

WSG wants to focus your attentions to one single thing, her album IRM. Probably the biggest (positive) musical surprise of the past few years.

With the help of Beck – he produced the album and actually co-performs in one of the tracks, Heaven Can’t WaitCharlotte was able to give the right direction to her beautiful, sexy, amazing voice. I think she just needed that, a direction. Like all artists do.

All our prays to what came out of IRM. A well-worked, transparent, dreamy album that is lucky enough to be part of WSG’s collection. A privilege that Charlotte can’t ignore. Btw, if you are reading this, stop calling me, I have a girlfriend.

Below you can listen to Trick Pony :

And the beautiful Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes :

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fleet Foxes, a story of success

As obvious as it might sound, Fleet Foxes are the hot thing in alternative folk music and are the first band to deserve a second post on WSG, now with a complete opinion and view after reflection. 

They should – and kind of are - be leading the industry as a case study of immediate success on such a competitive complicated environment.

When I first heard their self-entitled album, Fleet Foxes, I felt things that I’d actually couldn’t explain. It’s such a deep, emotional, self-centered ride... in which you have to really understand how to absorb your feelings. Again, they’re just not another band.

Robin’s voice comes to fill our minds with dreamy-sad thoughts, to makes us question ourselves, to turn our heads around and smile. The lost harmony behind his voice is the perfect combination for a lonely day watching the rain outside your window or a no-ending car ride across a desert under the sunset.

It takes a person to a different place. A better place.

If their first album has taken a huge acclaim amongst music critics, Helplessness Blues took Fleet Foxes into a place where few are able to reach. It just raised the bar so high that their third album needs to be perfect.    

In WSG opinion, and looking at all factors (poor musical year, being their second good album, etc.), Helplessness Blues is looking to be the right candidate to album of the year. And here is my justification for this second post. Fair enough, I have no other justification but to really love Fleet Foxes. Happy now? Anyways, WSG doesn't care.

And here what currently is my favorite, from Helplessness Blues, Montezuma :

Oh how could I dream of,
Such a selfless and true love,
Could I wash my hands of?
Just looking out for me

Monday, August 8, 2011

Joy Division or New Order?

It all comes down to Ian Curtis. The music world has given us a lot of different tragic stories, early deaths, etc. but Ian is a whole different folder.

First because he didn't die @ 27 – he was 23 when he committed suicide.

And second, because he was a depressed, fucked-up-genius with epilepsy. That's got to be rare. His feelings of solitude, emptiness and total disconnection of the reality made Joy Division’s lyrics absolutely unique. It is a sea of desperation narrated by a young-brilliant-disturbed-mind.

However, credit needs to be given to New Order – for the ones who are lost in this story, New Order was the band started by the remaining members of Joy Division after Ian’s dead. They’ve accomplished the (commercial) success Joy Division didn’t stay long enough to achieve. Summer’s vocals were actually quite good and their music was a lot more joyful when compared to Ian’s orchestra of melancholic/depressed moments.  

WSG consumes both, in one way or another, Ian’s stamp and heritage follows down the history of Joy Division and New Order. That somehow guarantees the stamp of – at least – lyrical wisdom and originality.

In the most remarkable and recommended Joy Division songs you may find Disorder, She’s Lost Control, Shadowplay, Transmission, Isolation, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Ceremony.

All of them are unique and special, but Ceremony is just epic – also suggest you to listen to the Radiohead version of this music, it’s amazing.

Oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time

And I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving a Joy Division post with only one song, so here is Disorder:

What means to you, what means to me, and we will meet again,
I'm watching you, I'm watching her, I'll take no pity from your friends,
Who is right, who can tell, and who gives a damn right now,
Until the spirit new sensation takes hold, then you know

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mumford and Sons, a story about Indie Folk

What’s Indie Folk? Well my friends, indie folk IS Mumford and Sons.

From the day someone shared with me their video on Balcony TV back in Dublin, I’ve been following them with all the expectation a man can have. And they haven't disappointed me. They’re fresh and definitely relevant to the music industry.

A bit of the naiveness and pure-folk-vibe has disappeared, guess it’s the price of fame – happens to everyone that realizes music is an industry and not a true art - but they are still awesome.

Sigh No More should most likely be part of your music collection, this is all WSG can say.

Here is the video of Balcony TV and how I found out they existed:

And here is one of the most beautiful songs written in the past few years, White Blank Page:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Arctic Monkeys, a modern story about Rock & Roll

Arctic Monkeys are in all senses and shapes how WSG thinks Rock & Roll should sound these days. Simple and effective, aggressive but sweet.

What they lack in charisma (yes, Alex is a fucking blast but they’re no Strokes baby), they compensate with dynamic catchy tunes and awesome lyrics. Just like the UK has got us used to.

Alex IS Arctic Monkeys. He writes the lyrics, he is the good looking one and he sings like a mad man (his voice is bloody powerful).

Their highlight and most precious work still is (and by the look of things will be), Favourite Worst Nightmare. It’s pure, transparent and catchy, I would even say it’s one of the top-10 Rock & Roll albums of the past 5/6 years.

What WSG likes more about it is the fact that it opens and closes with probably the 2 best AM songs.

Brianstorm, here live at T in the Park:

And the one and only 505, here live in Glastonbury:

Monday, August 1, 2011


In music, as in history of music, there was always a before and after something or someone. Well, for me there is a before and there will be def be an after Radiohead.

They are not just a 'band', they are an experience, an answer, they are what I signed up for when I realized music was life. If there was a planet named music, Radiohead would be its satellite.

It's almost impossible to try to bring them down to heart, to understand they're actually just some guys making music, going to a studio to record, going on the road for tours, giving autographs, having a pint and a normal meal. For WSG, they don't exist like that, they are superior to that. That's it, don't try to convince me Thom Yorke is just a random guy, he is not.

In each single album they've proved it's not only about making money, or getting sympathy, for Radiohead is all about taking their fans to another dimension, is making sure we are all treated in a very special way. On WSG music collection there is Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, In Rainbows and The King Of Limbs, guess I'm just missing Hail to The Thief, pretty solid obsession collection. Well, it's not really an obsession after Kid A, it was just a matter of respect. 

And there goes WSG's favorite - if such word is meaningful when talking about Radiohead. Kid A is simply the work of a visionary. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the feelings and sounds of each single track in the album. It's pure magic in music shapes.

Ok, WSG will open the books and share what is - for the sake of transparency and epic-ness (if that is a word) - one of the best songs ever made, Idioteque:

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Strokes, a story about our generation

If there is one band in the modern-music-revolution-panorama WSG thinks will go down in history are The Strokes. Every single thing about them is absolutely amazing.

Starting with JC – Mr. Casablancas, who is  - without any question - one of the most charismatic lead singers of Rock & Roll as we know it today. The sweet-sexy-unique voice, the fuck-it-I-want-to-buy-your-jacket style, the drunk-shit-ass stage performances, down to the curious fact that he made his studies in Switzerland (where he actually met Albert Hammond, Jr).

As a band, besides the internal conflict 'JC vs. the rest', they’ve released what is one of the most precious things available out there – Is This It. It is probably the best Rock album of the past 10/11 years, a piece of art, a music treasure that we all should brightly place in our discography and make sure we share it with the next generations. That’s how much Is This It is valued for WSG.

We could sit here and be looking at our screens for hours if I was to post all their landmark songs, so WSG will have the difficult job of picking one. And yes, as much we respect each of all The Strokes songs, there is a different light, a sparkling sense of sarcasm, love and glory about You Only Live Once, from First Impressions Of Hearth. This is THE song of our generation, and that my friends, is my gift to you on this random Friday.

Oh, men don't notice what they got
Oh, women think of that a lot...
A thousand ways to please your man (oh-ho)
Not even one requires a plan (I know)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TV On The Radio, a story about modern genuine good music

There are few modern bands rated as high as TV On The Radio on the WSG list.

All their 5 albums are unique, innovative and – above everything – true quality works.

My favorite will always remain Return To Cookie Mountain with songs like Province, Wolf Like Me or Dirtywhirl. It just sounds like a  perfect orchestra across all types of sexy funk-pop-electronic vibes, a 10/10 album.

Coming back to their latest release, Nine Types Of Light is the band's 5th album and is basically collecting the love from both Return To Cookie Mountain and Dear Science. I think that with the database of crazy-blinded-fanatic fans they’ve generated (yes, it definitely includes WSG, most likely on the first row) it’s impossible that anything they do doesn’t become epic. They’ve raised the bar up to that point where you ask yourself “am I really listening to this?”. Yes, they’re that good.

I’ve decided to share one of their classics (and on my ‘TV On The Radio Top-5’), from Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes – their second album from 2004 – Staring At The Sun. Enjoy young and cool people.

beat the skins and let the
loose lips kiss you clean
quietly pour out like light
like light, like answering the sun 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse - a known destiny, an amazing singer

Yes, it’s all inevitable. Both Amy dying and me having to write a post about it.

With no surprises, one of the most promising and refreshing female singers of the 2000’s was found dead, most likely due to her known addictions to alcohol and drugs. She always found difficult to hide her problems and the music world could testify her degradation state during the several live performances where she was completely drunk and coked our of her mind.

Theories about her death might arise, especially when we all know she entered the sweet 27 club – Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin are the other members. Did she killed herself to make a part of this restricted club? Most likely she was not even able to realize it, but WSG loves good speculation.

The truth is, without any discussions, she was a true classic rock star. From the talent to the polemic figure, she had it all. May she RIP, finally we will be able to enjoy her music and share it with our kids without having the unpleasant scenario she auto-created in the past few years. Thanks Amy for the good music and the sweet speculation.

Here Me and Mr. Jones live at Glastonbury

And on my favorites Tears Dry On Their Own

Friday, July 22, 2011

LCD Soundsystem

It’s Friday, and one cannot avoid thinking that weekend is just a step away. For that reason, and because WSG (aka Whatever Sounds Good) never posted an electronic-dance band, please welcome to the blog LCD Soundsystem.

Their self-entitled album LCD Soundsystem is one of the reasons why electronic-dance music is relevant. Either you’re a fan of the genre or you’re not, but this album demonstrates how you can love the music without being a fan – which for the sake of honesty and transparency, WSG is.

James Murphy created his own Dance-punk 2000’s style by combining 70’s beats with 80’s dynamics and a sweet-sexy-dirty electronic voice that turns LCD’s music into a new-wave-punk-dance-house-acid experience. It’s all there, pure and nasty.

Undoubtedly – yes, I don’t take any other opinion on this – Daft Punk Is Playing In My House is (and will be) their best song, and that’s what I have reserved from you:  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toro Y Moi - Underneath the Pine

The first album is always a walk in the park, and young Bundick had a lot to learn. Well, he did. Underneath the Pine takes such a straight forward approach, it’s like we'd postponed all our youth dreams and suddenly a kind stranger reminded us of all those memories. The catchy electronic beats, the whole funky soul’s all sweet and stylish, just how I pictured it.

Whatever Sounds Good keeps loving to death hearing the same track over and over, and what a perfect example of the description above it is: Still Sound.

Get addicted beloved readers:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A story about a Spanish Sahara

Sometimes words aren't enough. Simply magical. I just hope this song stays forever in people's ears and mind.

Cause I am
I'm the fury in your head
I'm the fury in your bed
I'm the ghost in the back of your head

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tUnE-yArDs - Who Kill

Another big 2011 hit album, Who Kill from tUnE-yArDs. There is so much of weirdness as there is quality across this raveling epic piece of work. Can’t quite figure out where she got her inspiration, but tUnE-yArDs music sounds gold.

From Gansta to Real Live Flesh or the single Bizness, it’s all so special and unique...just like Garbus.

Bizness official video – and a great one btw: