Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Local Natives - Hummingbird

Local Natives new album Hummingbird is out there. And it’s with an inch of pleasure I say they’ve surprised me. Positively I mean.

Looks like they found their own place in all this Indie-rock, electronic, whatever-you-want-to-call-it space. Hummingbird is no longer the reflex of some wannabe Grizzly Bear-The National-Fleet Foxes. Now, it’s just Local Natives.

Breakers opened up the appetite, and while going through the whole set of tracks in Hummingbird, our mind travels into a very good place, a place where Local Native’s music starts making a lot of sense. The year has just begun but this might be a strong candidate to feature in WSG top albums of 2013.

Having said that, Bowery is just a living proof of their maturity. Loving every second of it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Torres - Torres

2013 has started and surely there will be lot's of exciting new albums, bands and tracks to write about.

To kick it off, let me introduce Torres. The beautiful little Torres. Artistic name to Mackenzie Scott, a girl who comes with Nashville's musical responsibility and apparently is not afraid to carry that cross all around.

Her self-titled debut album Torres is simple yet very dense. Full of broken lyrics and with the aspiration of reaching PJ's feet, she's out there. Trying hard.

Honey is a great showcase of Scott's delicate husky voice. A voice that promises to light up some of our dark days. Mellow, just mellow.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 - THE TOP 5

5. Major Lazer – Get Free

Opening the Top-5 is Diplo’s musical project, Major Lazer. The album is yet to be released but what a great bait Get Free is. A praise to all the ones feeling stuck in all the troubles of a world of injustice, political crimes and lack of common sense. An open invitation to freedom. Mind-freedom.

Probably the most-played song in my iTunes and that says it all.

‘All I need's relief / I need some sympathy’

4. Tame Impala – Why Won’t They Talk to Me

Yes, yes and yes. Lonerism is the precious little gift 2012 saved for all us Indie-rock fans. Probably THE album of the year.

I’ve tried to understand how and where I can stop listening to Why Won’t They Talk to Me, but I really can’t. Hypnotizing stuff from the Australian crew.

‘But I don't even care about it anyway. / I wouldn't listen to a word any of them say.’

3. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

No need to say Jack White’s THE rock star of our generation. That's a fact. Broken by the separation of White Stripes (aka Meg), White (gladly) went solo. Blunderbuss is full of under-covered messages. Hidden rage, disbelieve in love and ruthless lyrics.

Sixteen Saltines is all JW is capable of, with a hint of a damaged heart&soul. Making it obvious that Meg left some traps behind.

‘If I get busy then I couldn't care less what you do / But when I'm by myself I think of nothing else / Than if a boy just might be getting through and touching you’

2. Caspian – Gone in Bloom and Bough

Caspian’s masterpiece Waking Season was a true revelation to my once upon ignorance towards instrumental post-rock (whatever that is). Caspian transports me to a world where no lyrics are needed. Where words come in the format of melodies. Deep, powerful, meaningful melodies. Melodies crushing my humble thoughts like commanding waves hitting the rocks on a stormy day.

Gone in Bloom and Bough is the work of a visionary. A demonstration music has no borders, no limitations and definitely no need for anything else than instruments.

1. The Shoes – Time to Dance

And we have a number 1.

When it comes to Dance music, French make it better.

The first time I heard Time to Dance, only one thought came to my mind: ‘Number one. Number fucking one!’. Best thing I’ve heard since Justice's Stress, Daft Punk's Around The World, Cassius's Sound of Violence and M83's Midnight City. Time to Dance is an anthem. A magical trip to the dance floor, long, mysterious, aggressive and raw. Just as I like it.

And the video clip, my god this video clip is the work of a genius. It’s like Kubrick and Tarantino got together and decided to produce a music video. Jake Gyllenhaal just goes bananas killing everyone for no apparent reason. All this while I’m dancing in my living room, eyes closed, hands up in the air while busting some crazy leg moves. Can't wait for the album.

Monday, January 7, 2013

...from 10 to 6...

10. Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

I’ve said and re-said it, CC's new album blew my mind. Alice has always manage to easily turn me into a maniac person, thinking where the hell is all that energy coming from, but now that they’ve put their shit together, sky is the limit. They’re flying high, really high.

Wrath of God is art work. Nothing else to add.

9. Passion Pit – Take a Walk

Passion Pit are the POP hit of 2012. Smooth tracks, catchy beats and easy lyrics, the perfect pop formula. They’ve hit the spot with Gossamer.

Take a Walk is the soundtrack of 2012’s summer. And what a great summer it was. I owe part of it to Passion Pit, so take your seats and enjoy the walk.

‘And tonight I swear I'll come home and we'll make love like we're young.’

8. Bat For Lashes - Laura

I can’t tell you how happy I am finally witnessing Natasha’s talent being put to use. Finally you’ve made it. The Haunted Man is quality stuff. It’s Kahn’s lungs screaming ‘I’m here you bastards, and I’m awesome’. Yes you are my dear.

Laura is from another world. A better world. Her voice, the piano, the melody, the dramatic lyrics, all there to witness it. It’s perfection communicating to earth via Natasha’s vocal chords.

‘Drape your arms around me and softly say / Can we dance upon the tables again?’

7. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Number 1 fan. Anyone that can make me feel 16 again has all my respect. Their second album Celebration Rock was (again) highly acclaimed, and well-deserved acclamations they were. They’re just honest, easy and awesome.

The House That Heaven Built is yet another punk-rock anthem. One of those that makes me shook my head like a crazy kid, smash beer cans and jump like tomorrow is my 17th birthday. How can anyone dislike this?

‘And if they try to slow you down / Tell em all to go to hell’

6. Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Enough has been written about them. They’re debut album An Awesome Wave was one of the year’s highlights.

Breezeblocks has meaning. A lot of emotional baggage if you ask me. The love-whispering mixed with the dub beats is just addictive. This song is almost a drug.

‘She’s morphine, queen of my vaccine, my love, my love love love’

Sunday, January 6, 2013

...from 15 to 11...

15. Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream

Oh Damon…or should I say Sir Albarn? If it were for me the man would be called Sir Damon Albarn.

Dr. Dee is quite a weird album, very catholic, very intimate, very British, its just Albarn doing something else. And he doesn’t seem to know how to do it wrong.

The Marvelous Dream is simply a masterpiece. His voice, the instruments, the story-telling tone. It’s truly a marvelous dream. I can’t stop saying, this man is a genius.

'I call to the dance, now the party begun / Alcohol, holiday, I'm a drug... strong'

14. Autre Ne Veut – Counting

Autre Ne Veut is quite a mysterious little thing. They seem to hide their talent within four very strange walls. And I can’t really understand why.

Counting is one of the most well-constructed, powerful and catchy songs of 2012. And to think few people know it kills me. It really does. Great tune.

'This is not a way for you and me / I don’t wanna be with you all night alone'

13. Rhye – The Fall

Their yet-to-release debut album might be one of the best things of 2013. For the moment let’s not keep it complicated, The Fall is just awesome. It’s melting stuff, the kind that sticks to you and never leaves. It's sex on a stick. I’ve heard it time and time again and I can keep on doing it forever.

'Oooh, my love / Come home to me'

12. Django Django – Default

Django Django made sure they’re debut album came at the right time, building a story, building momentum, waiting for the world to be prepared for the London boys surprising beats. Clever stuff.

Default is their perfect welcome card. It’s different, irreverent and incredibly addictive. A great ride into DD’s mind.

‘We just lit the fire and now you want to put it out’

11. Soko – First Love Never Dies

She’s all over the place. She’s mainly an actress, she’s French but she sings in perfect English. She’s just the surprise of my musical year. Frank, open, raw, deep and intriguing. She’s that and much more. Coming across as a Lykke Li young sister but as strong and powerful as the queen Joplin. Soko is just out there. Where few can understand her, or what I’m writing about.

First Love Never Dies is the confession of a shameless little girl. A confession that makes the strongest men cry to tears. She’s sending a message to make sure we all understand that our first love, it never dies. Write it down cause she won’t be saying this too many times.

‘Can you feel the same / I will never love again’

Saturday, January 5, 2013

...from 20 to 16...

20. Local Natives – Breakers

Local Natives kept they’re good mojo. Hoping their new album (only to be released in 2013) can be as good as Gorilla Manor.

Breakers is as unpretentious as they are. Great song for a cozy afternoon. You don’t even need the beautiful girl. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

‘Leave all the lights on / Can't see out / But they see in’

19. How To Dress Well – Cold Nites

How To Dress Well impressed me from day 1. This entire experimental-pop wave really catches my ear. Total Loss grabbed my attention as soon as Cold Nites popped in.

Cold Nites gives childhood chills while someone whispers in my ear all the bad things I’ve done. But in a sexy weird way, only the adult-me can understand. It’s the good stuff.

18. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine

Oh yeah! The Monkeys are back. With Turner looking as badass as he can possible try, they seem to be in the right direction to blow our minds with their new album.

R U Mine is a great appetizer, but I want more. And Turner, I’m not fucking gay, but I’m all yours. As long as you give me some I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, I might even be yours yesterday mate.

17. Lia Ices – Love Is Won

I have to admit I’ve never heard of the lovely Lia Ices before coming across Love Is Won. Sadly I have to say.

Lia’s voice is like a guided tour to heaven. If heaven exists she’s up there holding an umbrella pointing up for us to follow.

Love Is Won makes me wonder why and when have we started to ignore talent such as Ices. Such a beautiful song and woman (my god she’s gorgeous) should be enough to turn her into the greatest hit ever. Apparently isn’t…

‘Oh love is won when we are bound and still feel free’

16. Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

I don’t know where to start when it comes to these guys. Everything they do seems to be as close to perfection as one can wish for. I’m still trying to recover from Veckatimest to be honest, but knowing GB is out there makes me relax about music’s future. They’re that good.

Yet Again strikes us in our mind, body and soul. Leaving any sensitive human being lying there wondering what the hell happened. It’s no Two Weeks though. Two Weeks was Two Weeks, but it's pretty damn close.

Friday, January 4, 2013

From 25 to 21

25. Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart
Bobby is a classic. From his 70’s rise, to the recent drug problems and the shit he went through, it’s quite a return for him. All together being alive in 2012 is almost a miracle. To top this, his new album is one of the most interesting projects out there, and the proof is that he got hold of the best music guy out there, Mr. Albarn himself.

Please Forgive My Heart is just a strong confession from an honest man looking for redemption. He’s got mine. I've forgiven his heart, and beyond.

‘I could try to say I’m sorry / But that won’t be quite enough / To let you know the pain that I feel’

24. The XX – Chained

I think all has been said about The XX. Surprises were not to come, and that’s probably why they’re not number 1 as in 2010. But they’re good. They’re fucking good.

Chained warms any cold winter day. It asks for a coffee, a blanked and a beautiful girl.

‘Separate or combine / I ask you one last time / Did I hold you too tight?’

23. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams

These guys crack me up, from their name to their videos. And the best part of it all is that their music is great too.

Only In My Dreams is the cherry on top of the Mature Dreams cake. It looks like they’re making fun of Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. They're kind of saying: ‘They take it too serious’.

‘When she don't call up no more, well / Never give up, you gotta believe it’

22. Alabama Shakes – Hold On

One of the best new things I’ve come across 2012. Brittany’s voice is just incredible. And their live shows look like a musical orchestra full of funky-rock new sounds and approaches. It’s all so pure it hurts.

Hold On is all of the above combined into one song. It smells Alabama all over the place, and it’s a great smell.

‘So, bless my heart and bless yours too. / I don't know where I'm gonna go / Don't know what I'm gonna do.’

21. Tanlines – All Of Me

Tanlines have the wonderful ability to always put me into a good mood. That alone justifies them to be on this list. But on top of that they have All Of Me.

All Of Me is responsible for some of the best screaming-with-eyes-closed and arms-pointing-at-the-sky moves. Healthy stuff if you ask me.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 soundtrack from 30 to 26

30. The Slow Show – Brother

They’re good. They’re very good. Still building their name on the music scene, The Slow Show promise to be one of the bands to watch once they get their deserved credit.

Brother is as beautiful as 2012 could have been. Great melodies, great voice, epic lyrics. Powerful stuff reminding us of Lambchop’s relaxing vibes.

29. Bruce Springsteen – We Take Care Of Our Own

The boss came back, and what a surprising one it was. Solid album, with some of the usual inspiring lyrics and that classic-rough-sentimental-rock. Typical Springsteen.

We Take Care Of Our Own is just what you expect from the best of boss, as catchy as it can get. And in this world in crisis he reminds us of what once was obvious, we should take care of our own. That’s for sure.

28. Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless

Cloud Nothings are definitely what the current music scene needs. Some nice punk-rock to challenge these young minds with ears full of commercial-bullshit-music.

Stay Useless is up there on 2012 WSG soundtrack. It’s just addictive, and the video is fucking brilliant.

‘I need something to do / Somewhere to go’

27. Wild Nothing – Paradise

Wild Nothing came back for their second album 2 years after the magnificent Gemini. Nocturne is not as good, but it was a solid comeback, for yet another Indie Rock band.

Paradise glows and re-glows. With starlets of a nice pop-song, female sexy confessions and dreamy beats, it’s what you want to hear on a summer day.

'You crush me with the lies / And tell me once or twice / That love is paradise / Love is paradise'

26. Jessie Ware – 110%

Jessie Ware was one of the pleasant surprises 2012 reserved for us music lovers. She’s strong, she’s simple, she’s good.

110% takes me back to a place where there’s love, there’s softness, there’s safety, and there’s a magical voice communicating it all from above. Way above. I just listen to that voice hoping one day I can meet someone that gives me 110%.

‘Won't dance, not without you, small steps, they lead only to your heart’

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Caspian - Waking Season

Who said post-rock couldn't be top of charts? Guess someone who didn't come across Caspian's master-piece Waking Season.

The absence of lyrics leaves me too with no words to describe this album. Everything about it is perfect. Intense, introspective, violent. Just how life should be.

I've seen darkness and Waking Season showed me the light. Thanks Caspian, your work here is done. 10/10.

Leave you with one of the most amazing things I've ever listened, Gone In Bloom And Bough:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts were totally unknown to me until Pitchfork suggested a track from their debut album Light Up Gold. From that day I've been involved in their world, a world that bounces from Joy Division's deep rock melodies and some sort of Ramones quick punk-rock.

I haven't figured out quite yet if I just needed to listen to something like this or if they're really good. Truth is I can't have enough of it.

It feels like No Age's close cousin or something like that.

Well, I leave you with their single Borrowed Time. It's all there.