Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 Top 10 songs - Part 2

…and at once I knew, I was not magnificent / strayed above the highway aisle / (jagged vacance, thick with ice) / I could see for miles, miles, miles

There are no words for this man’s voice and lyrics. He hits the spot every single time, and he hits it deep. Regardless of the album's greatness, this song represents the best what Bon Iver is capable of doing. Pure magic.

It’s intimate and unique, I want to keep it like that.

Each time this song pops in my iTunes I skip it, I’m always waiting for a special time to come. 

I'm perfectly able to hold my own hand / but I still can't kiss my own neck

A song for eternity. Wasner brings one of the 2011 songs I’ve listened the most. It’s amazing in every sense. They make it look so simple it actually sounds a bit creepy. The truth is I can’t have enough of it.

A message to Wasner: please stop being so damn perfect, it's almost annoying.

I reason with my cigarette / Then say, "Your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits, yeah?"

Inevitable. It’s just THE pop song of the year. No discussion here. 

It played in everyone’s head. The album is quite average, but Pumped Up Kicks is pure addiction. It stays there and doesn't leave. 

No further comments.

Look and see her eyes, they glow

Of course they glow. What else could she do while listening to this? 

It’s a #1 turned into #2 for a reason only I can explain. It’s perfect in all senses. There’s really nothing else you can say.

The first time I've listened to it, there were shivers all over my body. I thought to myself: ‘How is this possible?’. I wanted to dance, drink and call everyone I know.

I did the first two.

M83 are going far, really far away. They asked us to Hurry Up, and now we're truly Dreaming.

We bros you lost man / we bros so long / Put away your guns man / and sing this song

They are the reason. They and their perfect album, with their perfect songs and perfect timing. 

We all feel outraged by the current economical/social situation of this world of ours, and we need inspiration, true inspiration, connection, a reason to believe, a reason to protest, a reason to live. And We need Bros. Believe me, we do. Here we have 6:27 official minutes of perfection, 6:27 official minutes of hope.

They call this heavy pop, I call this awesome. Guess we're all correct. 

Just sing along: We Bros! We Bros! We Bros!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Top 10 songs - Part 1

If you let me be there again / I’ll be still, won’t say a word

The expectations for the new Future Islands album were high, and the first glimpse of it brought this wonderful song immediately into my attention. The gorgeous combination of Herrings rough voice with Wasner’s sweetness is just what you can wish for in a quiet afternoon.

It comes as no surprise in this top-10, with a unique touch of beauty from this awkward duet.

Gold on the ceiling / I ain't blind / Just a matter of time / Before you steal it / It's alright

As close to their unique Rock & Roll approach as it can get. Reminding their fans why they're so fucking awesome. You can’t get anything wrong out of this, they seem to be saying ‘Remember our name, cause we’re here to stay baby’.

Please do never leave us.

I've seen and done things I want to forget / coming from an unearthly place / Longing to see a woman's face / Instead of the words that gather pace / The words that maketh murder.

Here she is, bright, new, insightful, patriotic. PJ rarely gets it wrong, but The Words That Maketh Murder just brings the best of the familiar nostalgia only she’s capable to share. 

And it’s all so real and tangible. A great song.

Wasting your days / Chasing some girls all right / Chasing cocaine to the back rooms of the world all night

Definitely one of the best 2011 tracks. All combined, probably one of the surprises – if not THE surprise – of the year. The song’s freshness, the 80’s touch, the good vibe, all magical. Brings back the adolescent in all of us, those warm summer nights. 

Never-ending inspiration from the boys from Canada.

I say, I'll bleed if you ask me / I'll bleed if you ask me / That's when, that's when, he said no

What can I say about this song? It takes a person no time to understand this is special. Good special. It took me 10 times to actually say: ‘this is amazing’. And after that, it only has become even better. Garbus is love at 10th sight, one of those that turns into a marriage of 50 years in a sec after that.

Can’t wait for what comes next.