Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why don't we all go intimate?

Jamie’s got the touch. After co-producing the best album of 2010 The XX - XX , he has now decided to face the critics all by himself. He charms his way using those magic beats, deep tones and intimate mysterious voices. I like you Jamie, and I’m not afraid to say it out loud, nobody should.

He is into remixes, and he’s good at it. When someone touches the work of the dead great Gil Scott-Heron, he’d better do a good job, and Jamie did.

True or False? Actually - awesome, cool, different or trash?

Check NY Is Killing Me by the hands and ears of JXX:

And what for me is one of the most beautiful things ever made in the past few years:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Deep is Your Love?

New beats, new music, The Rapture present themselves totally refreshed for 2011 . It’s summer in all senses and shapes.

Honest opinions needed – for them not me. Ah, and great pic I’m sure you’ll agree.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - I Learned the Hard Way

It’s a walk to the past. The old blues, that soul singing, the sweetness of those funky vibes. Sharon Jones allows all of us to re-live the 60’s and more, she takes out what good is left (lyrics?) from Mrs. Winehouse to takes us on a marvelous I Learned the Hard Way journey.

It’s all about love, about hard life. It’s old-school. The empathy between Sharon’s deep black voice and the instrumental joy of Dap-Kings is simply delicious.

My favorite is Better Things, one of those songs that just brightens up your day, as catchy as it can be:

And have a listen to the album’s single I Learned the Hard Way performed live:

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Typical Love/Music Affair

In every love story there is tenderness an affair. In my UK indie/rock/pop love story the mistress is called Gorillaz. Like it or not, Damon Alborn is a bloody genius, what I like to call a ‘Man with a Plan’.

Gorillaz are one of the most interesting, sexy projects of the past decade. There is no doubt about that. The mystery behind the animated cartoons, the rock/rap/funk beats and the stamp of one of British pop’s idols could only be responsible for an explosive mixture.

When travelling on board the Gorillaz train, you will find that Demon Days is a very very special album. The infinite ride comes with stops at the most exotic places, music experiences, dreams of better and worst days. It has personality – if that is possible to have in a small CD.

I don’t quite know which music to pick in order to demonstrate the quality and lyrical bless of Demon Days, and that’s why you will be able to listen to nothing less than 3 videos (it’s Friday after all!).

Ok, number 1 is… Kids with Guns - "And they are turning us into monsters":

Number 2, Dirty Harry“Cos’ all I do is dance” :

3 goes to… Dare“It’s coming up / It’s coming up” :

And your bonus (taken from their self-titled album) just because I’m in a good mood – “I ain’t happy / I’m feeling glad / I got sunshine in a bag” :

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A love story I

It’s difficult for me to separate my own personal obsession for Bloc Party from what other human beings think about their music. For me, Kele can burp that I would still say ‘fucking great music’.

However, Silent Alarm is indubitably one of the best indie albums ever. With references here and there, Kele, Russell and co. deserved the acclaimed positive critics and excitement around the band. Plus, they brought something to the table missing on most of last decade’s bands – they sound even better LIVE.

From all the amazing songs in the album, Modern Love just stands out as the brave scream on how ‘Love’ evolved through time until our days. You might disagree, but it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want.

Note: just so we’re clear, my advice is to listen to both versions below and shout as loud as you can ‘I’ll pay for you…anytime’. Which btw, could be the best love declaration of the 2000’s. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fresh delivery from the future (islands)

Before the bridge is total dope. The addictive new Future Islands single is out and opens up the road to yet another brilliant album from one of the most promising new bands around. 

And for the ones who aren't familiar with their previous work:

Monday, June 20, 2011

INXS - Mystify

'I need perfection / Some twisted selection'

Wish you all a nice week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tokyo Police Club - Champ

When you look at Tokyo Police Club 4 nerdy members you expect all but a music band. The instruments in their hands can be even disturbing confusing.

First impressions do count you will say, yes they do, but not in music I guess.

Their second album Champ is a master-piece of pop-rock-indie music. It’s fresh, it’s popish, lyrics are great and you gotta love the long high-speed guitar melodies complemented by Dave’s nasal-awesome-voice.

One of my top-10 albums of 2010 – from track 1 to 11.

My recommendation goes for Bambi, Wait Up (Boots of Danger), Favourite Colour and… (don’t tell anyone but it’s my beloved one) Fankenstein:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okkervil River - I Am Very Far

They’re actually pretty close…to perfection. With no complications, no pretentious lyrics nor arrangements, straight from the heart and hands, I Am Very Far is the final word from Okkervil River.

Different from their past albums, they finally realized that pleasing the US crowd isn’t entirely satisfying. Deep, dark and blue I Am Very Far is just good.

Have a listen to The Rise (track that closes this beautiful album):

And So I Watch You From Afar - Gangs

Surprise surprise! Ireland’s got talent – and big one to say the least. Bumped into one of their songs a few weeks ago and became a fan ever since.

And So I Watch You From Afar new album Gangs – an orgy of guitars and drums on a tailored epic musical scene.

Too philosophical? Nah, don’t think so. Just press play on 7 Billion People All Alive At Once

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fucked Up - David Comes to Life

Ah, punk-rock / hardcore punk is alive and continues to be Fucked Up.

Aggressive, melodic and powerful – just as we like it.

Go and listen to the album – David Comes to Life - and stay tuned for The Other Shoe:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arthur Russell - This is How We Walk on the Moon

Men & Moon, still one of the biggest unsolved myths of the world. REM sang about it and many hundred conspiracy theory fans wrote about it. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

Arthur Russell took it to another dimension. He was a man with a conflict, his music was sometimes confusing, messy, but this song is just brilliant.

This is How We Walk on the Moon by Arthur Russell – may he RIP.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs

They have their own planet. Created and managed by Tom Yorke & co, visited by us common mortals who understand the message, the call, the amazing musical richness of Radiohead.

I could be writing for years about all their albums, tracks, experiences, etc. but there’s no point. First, because I’m not that good writer, and second because their music is extremely ‘personal’.

Moving forward, they released their 8th album entitled The King of Limbs. Quality is there, the trip is still on, but in my honest (and strange) opinion, In Rainbows is far better, not to say that they’re still very far from the magical Kid A (probably one of the top-10 best albums ever).

Anyhow, here is their new single – best track in the album? – Lotus Flower. You gotta love Tom’s moves, a genius of his own.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet 70s

A classic tune for a wild weekend.

"Well' she's shakin' that thing (bam-BA-lam) / Boy she makes me sing (bam-BA-lam) / Whoa, black betty (bam-BA-lam)"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Brontide - Sans Souci

Sometimes no lyrics are needed to express feelings.

Brontide's debut album ‘Sans Souci’ sounds promising, with Matador simply taking them to another level.

Enjoy the ride…

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Everything they do is simply good - I'm convinced they're not able to do anything that songs bad. It's worth listening, worth sharing, worth keeping in the shelf for a lonely Sunday afternoon.

Fleet Foxes are just relevant.

“Yeah, I'm tongue-tied and dizzy / and I can't keep it to myself / what good is it to sing helplessness blues?”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Machine - Volume II

There are people who were born with a gift. Hendrix's was to play the guitar.

He knew how to play guitar and the guitar knew how to be played by him. Doesn’t matter how you put it. He was born to do it, he lived doing it and he died doing it.

It will always be an adventure to be invited to his planet of bad-ass-awesome-devil's-R&R.

Someone once said : ‘Hendrix isn’t dead, God just wanted some guitar lessons’.

The music world would be different without him, and that’s just a fact.

Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring

Great lyrics, rich instrumental background, lovely leading voice, excellent album cover, and little else to add. Just the fact that they are so underrated it seriously annoys me.

This song is...well, you tell me.

“I ask her to speak French / And then I need her to translate / I get the feeling she makes the meaning more significant / She was always far too pretty / for me to believe in a single word she said”

Eels - Romance and Fantasy

I’m in love with Mr. E, there is no other way to put this. Since the first (and blessed) time I heard him and his Eels, it was love at first sight audition. We just had a special chemistry, or at least I believe we did. E's voice is my conscious, it comes from where the 'special ones' decide what is your destiny. It's that deepness, the sound of experience, the voice that guides us through the path of life.

And they've evolved, they changed styles, they tried it all and every single thing they make is damn good.

From all their precious collection, I would cut-your-eyes-off-if-you-don’t-listen recommend ‘Souljacker’, ‘Blinking Lights and Other Revelations’ and ‘Hombre Lobo’. All Epic, a true musical orgasm - what the 'musical experts' nowadays call Eargasm.

Finally, because a post is nothing without some evidence, you can listen to ‘I’m going to spot pretending I didn't break your heart’ (all-time favorite together with ‘Fresh Feeling’, ‘Tremendous Dynamite’ or ‘Novocaine for the Soul’):

Friday, June 3, 2011

Time Machine - Volume I

Sometimes I would like to go back in time. Who wouldn't ? I bet Morrissey would ride that horse. Maybe one day we can all ride it. Who knows?

Until that day, his old depressions are my daily smiles.

Pop is...

… young, lame, simple, dancelike, addictive, happy and touchable, like The Balconies.

Pick of the day

New project of Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi is out in stores – Rome.

They invited Mr. Jack White to star in a couple of the songs and here is the result :

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild Beasts - Smother

There are things in life you cannot explain. Like how some songs seem to have been written and compelled for you. Like somehow I’ve met a group of musicians on a random night in some lost pub and told them all my secrets, my doubts, my fears, my dreams. It’s just scary, makes me feel naked, with no arguments, explanations or reasons for that.

Well, enough of my bullshit philosophy – someone should stop me but it’s just me and the laptop.

If you’ve never felt at least a small breeze of what I described, I feel sorry for you and please read another blog (all this power is just freaking me out!) – otherwise buy, download, go on youtube or call your secretary = Smother from the Wild Beasts is out there. It’s pure magic, the cold feeling of a soft knife stabbing your chest in the hands of a lovely ghost lady. Yes, it's that good.

A small sample to translate the feeling:

The Vaccines - What did you expect from the Vaccines?

This is my 'comfort zone'. Everyone knows It’s not going to be the album of the year, fact. But it’s honest, clean and straight-forward. I enjoy that. Even if you can quickly identify all their influences, past and recent, who cares? Not me, not them for sure. And again, I enjoy it.

All tracks are 'pretty-much-nice-yes-i-make-indie-rock-that-sounds-like-the-80's’ but I want to highlight two of them : ‘All in White’ - the lyrics are simply flawless; and ‘If you Wanna’ -lovable popish tune.

Live performance of ‘If you Wanna’ :

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gang of Four

I have to admit that a few months ago I had never heard of these guys - slapped myself in the face. A friend gently offered me 'Entertainment' and the love story begun.

There is something special on an album recorded in the late 70's that comes into your ears in 2011 and sounds 'actual'.

Like if I would wake up and thought 'I would love to put The Clash and Ramones in a studio and see what came out of that'. Well, it's literally Gang Of Four.

'Damaged Goods' gives them full credit:

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

What I like about PJ Harvey is not even the bad-shit-ass good music she makes, it’s really the indiscrete and silent way she says ‘all you lady singers with your big boobs, your doggy dance moves, your sweet-shit melodies and your pseudo-alternative looks – go fuck yourselves’. She is just awesome.

‘Let England Shake’ is another quality album that shows her good work in getting the message across. She is here, she is real, she is easy. In 12 tracks England is seriously blessed with great lyrics and great tunes. This calls for a 10/10 score and a blinking pint.

Video of ‘Last Living Rose’ – you can sing along : “Goddamn Europeans / Take me back to beautiful England / And the grey damp filthiness of ages / And battered books”

Junior Boys - It's All True

Junior Boys have always surprised me – for better and for worst. One has gotta love their intimacy over cool electronic vibes, simply undeniable. Listening to ‘Like a Child’ is a ride I want to take every day of my life, pure tenderness. However, I feel there is something missing in each of their past three albums. Probably consistence, probably differentiation, probably I'm stupid. Still to figure it out.

Well, the new album is out soon (June), it’s called ‘It’s All True’ and apparently could be the Canadian band final cut into the electronic/pop music world. I hope so honestly. Have a look to what is likely to be the album's single and speak for yourselves:

Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron

A word of respect for Mr. Gil, may you RIP.

Soul/Funk/Jazz has lost one of their own. The melodies, the messages, the influence of a man that never saw the world the same as everyone else did. A truly visionary on his own style and composition. Gil Scott-Heron is gone from the real world but was kind enough to leave dreadful memories such as 'The Bottle':