Saturday, January 5, 2013

...from 20 to 16...

20. Local Natives – Breakers

Local Natives kept they’re good mojo. Hoping their new album (only to be released in 2013) can be as good as Gorilla Manor.

Breakers is as unpretentious as they are. Great song for a cozy afternoon. You don’t even need the beautiful girl. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

‘Leave all the lights on / Can't see out / But they see in’

19. How To Dress Well – Cold Nites

How To Dress Well impressed me from day 1. This entire experimental-pop wave really catches my ear. Total Loss grabbed my attention as soon as Cold Nites popped in.

Cold Nites gives childhood chills while someone whispers in my ear all the bad things I’ve done. But in a sexy weird way, only the adult-me can understand. It’s the good stuff.

18. Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine

Oh yeah! The Monkeys are back. With Turner looking as badass as he can possible try, they seem to be in the right direction to blow our minds with their new album.

R U Mine is a great appetizer, but I want more. And Turner, I’m not fucking gay, but I’m all yours. As long as you give me some I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, I might even be yours yesterday mate.

17. Lia Ices – Love Is Won

I have to admit I’ve never heard of the lovely Lia Ices before coming across Love Is Won. Sadly I have to say.

Lia’s voice is like a guided tour to heaven. If heaven exists she’s up there holding an umbrella pointing up for us to follow.

Love Is Won makes me wonder why and when have we started to ignore talent such as Ices. Such a beautiful song and woman (my god she’s gorgeous) should be enough to turn her into the greatest hit ever. Apparently isn’t…

‘Oh love is won when we are bound and still feel free’

16. Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

I don’t know where to start when it comes to these guys. Everything they do seems to be as close to perfection as one can wish for. I’m still trying to recover from Veckatimest to be honest, but knowing GB is out there makes me relax about music’s future. They’re that good.

Yet Again strikes us in our mind, body and soul. Leaving any sensitive human being lying there wondering what the hell happened. It’s no Two Weeks though. Two Weeks was Two Weeks, but it's pretty damn close.

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