Monday, January 7, 2013

...from 10 to 6...

10. Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

I’ve said and re-said it, CC's new album blew my mind. Alice has always manage to easily turn me into a maniac person, thinking where the hell is all that energy coming from, but now that they’ve put their shit together, sky is the limit. They’re flying high, really high.

Wrath of God is art work. Nothing else to add.

9. Passion Pit – Take a Walk

Passion Pit are the POP hit of 2012. Smooth tracks, catchy beats and easy lyrics, the perfect pop formula. They’ve hit the spot with Gossamer.

Take a Walk is the soundtrack of 2012’s summer. And what a great summer it was. I owe part of it to Passion Pit, so take your seats and enjoy the walk.

‘And tonight I swear I'll come home and we'll make love like we're young.’

8. Bat For Lashes - Laura

I can’t tell you how happy I am finally witnessing Natasha’s talent being put to use. Finally you’ve made it. The Haunted Man is quality stuff. It’s Kahn’s lungs screaming ‘I’m here you bastards, and I’m awesome’. Yes you are my dear.

Laura is from another world. A better world. Her voice, the piano, the melody, the dramatic lyrics, all there to witness it. It’s perfection communicating to earth via Natasha’s vocal chords.

‘Drape your arms around me and softly say / Can we dance upon the tables again?’

7. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Number 1 fan. Anyone that can make me feel 16 again has all my respect. Their second album Celebration Rock was (again) highly acclaimed, and well-deserved acclamations they were. They’re just honest, easy and awesome.

The House That Heaven Built is yet another punk-rock anthem. One of those that makes me shook my head like a crazy kid, smash beer cans and jump like tomorrow is my 17th birthday. How can anyone dislike this?

‘And if they try to slow you down / Tell em all to go to hell’

6. Alt-J – Breezeblocks

Enough has been written about them. They’re debut album An Awesome Wave was one of the year’s highlights.

Breezeblocks has meaning. A lot of emotional baggage if you ask me. The love-whispering mixed with the dub beats is just addictive. This song is almost a drug.

‘She’s morphine, queen of my vaccine, my love, my love love love’

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