Sunday, January 6, 2013

...from 15 to 11...

15. Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream

Oh Damon…or should I say Sir Albarn? If it were for me the man would be called Sir Damon Albarn.

Dr. Dee is quite a weird album, very catholic, very intimate, very British, its just Albarn doing something else. And he doesn’t seem to know how to do it wrong.

The Marvelous Dream is simply a masterpiece. His voice, the instruments, the story-telling tone. It’s truly a marvelous dream. I can’t stop saying, this man is a genius.

'I call to the dance, now the party begun / Alcohol, holiday, I'm a drug... strong'

14. Autre Ne Veut – Counting

Autre Ne Veut is quite a mysterious little thing. They seem to hide their talent within four very strange walls. And I can’t really understand why.

Counting is one of the most well-constructed, powerful and catchy songs of 2012. And to think few people know it kills me. It really does. Great tune.

'This is not a way for you and me / I don’t wanna be with you all night alone'

13. Rhye – The Fall

Their yet-to-release debut album might be one of the best things of 2013. For the moment let’s not keep it complicated, The Fall is just awesome. It’s melting stuff, the kind that sticks to you and never leaves. It's sex on a stick. I’ve heard it time and time again and I can keep on doing it forever.

'Oooh, my love / Come home to me'

12. Django Django – Default

Django Django made sure they’re debut album came at the right time, building a story, building momentum, waiting for the world to be prepared for the London boys surprising beats. Clever stuff.

Default is their perfect welcome card. It’s different, irreverent and incredibly addictive. A great ride into DD’s mind.

‘We just lit the fire and now you want to put it out’

11. Soko – First Love Never Dies

She’s all over the place. She’s mainly an actress, she’s French but she sings in perfect English. She’s just the surprise of my musical year. Frank, open, raw, deep and intriguing. She’s that and much more. Coming across as a Lykke Li young sister but as strong and powerful as the queen Joplin. Soko is just out there. Where few can understand her, or what I’m writing about.

First Love Never Dies is the confession of a shameless little girl. A confession that makes the strongest men cry to tears. She’s sending a message to make sure we all understand that our first love, it never dies. Write it down cause she won’t be saying this too many times.

‘Can you feel the same / I will never love again’

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