Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tame Impala - Lonerism

Something happened and I've missed it. That was my feeling when I first listened to Lonerism from Tame Impala. Some sort of psychedelic revolution is on the streets and nobody warn me. Damn you revolutionary people.

Lonerism is exactly what I was looking for but didn't know existed. Hey, Animal Collective, are you listening? This is what you should've been doing. Or at least this is what I wanted from you.

It's an amazing album in form, content, lyrics, it's all there in that little thing they call CD. I don't think anyone will save this one, Lonerism will go straight into album of the year 2012.

And Why Won't They Talk To Me is simply one of the best things ever made in the past years.

But I don't even care about it anyway.
I wouldn't listen to a word any of them say.
They just talk about themselves all day.
One day Ill be a star and they'll be sorry.


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